Industrial hose reels & accessories

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Australian Hose Reel Manufacturer and Distributor

Heavy-duty compact safer reel

Pit Bull™  Hose Reels

The Pit Bull™ is a world-patented, all Australian designed and made direct drive hose reel, that combines unmatched flexibility in size and capacity, that incorporates a unique gearbox that assists towards a safe rewind speed.

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Leaders in fire reel safety

Fire Dog™  Hose Reels

Engineered and made in Australia, Fire Dog™ hose reels are ergonomically designed to deliver intuitive operation and improve safety. First in firefighting hose reels with safe direct drive technology and Flat Winder™ level wind system.

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Weed spray hose management

Reel Tuff™ Hose Reels

The highest quality galvanised construction will continue to work alongside you in all weather conditions. Ideal for use in both low and high pressure spraying duties in Golf Courses, Council Parks, Urban Landscapes and Roadside Care.

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Clean-in-place hose reels

CIP Tank Cleaning  Hose Reels

We supply safer and innovative CIP Tank cleaning and hose reel systems to meet the exact needs of the client. Our technology eliminates confined space entry hazards for personnel, manual handling of large and long lengths of CIP (Clean-in-place) hose, and fixed CIP Lances. Reel Tech reels are designed with safer rewind speeds, explosion proof motors and can be integrated into PLC systems for fully automated washing. Our CIP rotating nozzles from Spray Nozzle Engineering reduce CIP cycle times, water and chemical usage and turn around times, saving time and money whilst delivering safer cleaning solutions. Our reel technology also extends to bulk delivery-decanting and other food transfer and washdown applications requiring hose storage solutions.

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Increase safety and improve usability of reels

“Drag-free” Auto Declutching System


Fully automatic “Drag-free” payout with the lowest resistance, EZI-Deploy™ clutch system dramatically reduces hose payout force minimising operator strain injuries. Available for all Fire Dog™ hose reel models.

Swivellng hose guide

Follow me hose guide 

The market first multi-directional swivelling hose guide allows flexible use at any angle. A safer hose handling solution that reduces hose jam and damage. Includes pin lock for non-swivelling use means safer hose deployment.

Automatic layering technology


Efficient, jam-free layering of the hose during storage. An automatic layering system allows for a single operator.

Rewind Speed Control System


Stainless Steel Safe-R-Reel™, proudly Australian made and patented is carefully constructed to make winding and rewinding of the heavy-duty water hose quick and efficient. The Safe-R-Reel™ provides tidy hose storage and protection.

Wireless remote control


Efficient, jam-free layering of the hose during storage. An automatic layering system allows for a single operator.