It's what's inside that make firefighter safer and easier


Retractable Hose Reel

Reel Tech’s patented Safe-R-Reel™ easy bolt-on brake cassette ensures a controlled speed during rewind to minimise injuries and hose damage. 

Stainless Steel Safe-R-Reel™, proudly Australian made and patented is carefully constructed to make winding and rewinding of the heavy-duty water hose quick and efficient. The Safe-R-Reel™ provides tidy hose storage and protection. Not to mention, excessive spring rewind speed can result from misuse causing safety issues. The impact from the rapidly moving hose can strike users, resulting in unnecessary injury. Such issues can be significantly reduced with the Safe-R-Reel™ Rewind Speed Control; it reduces the risks of injury, equipment damage, down time and hose wear associated with excessive rewind speed.

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Auto declutching system

EZI-Deploy™ is a fully automatic hose declutching system to safely and effortlessly handle hose reels with minimal drag resistance.  Reels with rewind motors are becoming more widely utilised, despite the ease of now having a motor rewind the reel for you, retrieving the hose and overcoming the added load of the motor is required great effort. Reel Tech™ has removed this problem by engineering a clutch to disengage the motor, and thus return your reel to Ezi-Deploy™ functionality. These clutches are capable to be remotely installed or factory fitted to help your reeling application.

  • improve safety
  • heavy duty
  • simple installation
  • simple installation
  • low maintenance
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Remote Control

The NEW Reel Tech™ ‘remote rewind control system’ is designed with safety ergonomics in mind; suitable for a single-person operation with patented hose layer system Flat-Winder™ to ensure reliable and consistent rewind of any reel. Hose payout can cause RSI (Repetitive Stress Injury) – injury/strain from pull resistance. Both government and private industries are quantifying the pull force required to payout hose reel safety. Reel Tech™ has safer designs to meet all critical compliance requirements from remote rewind technique to safe rewind speeds.


It has now become an industrial safety protocol in Mining, fire rescue, refuelling, cleaning industries to reduce the risk of operator fatigue or injury from the poorly constructed or under-specified reel. This includes operator safety issues with moving parts, dangerous chain drive and pinch points

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Automatic layering technology

Typically to rewind a hose onto a hose reel, a person is required to help guide the hose back onto the reel to ensure a neat wrap is achieved. The neat wrap helps ensure that the maximum amount of hose can be stored. This means that when long lengths of hose are to be stored on the hose reel, at least two operators are required to rewind the hose back onto the hose reel. As many operations are looking at minimising personnel in the tasks, removing one of the tasks was looked at.


Enter, the Flat-Winder™, a device engineered to guide the hose neatly backed onto the spool of the reel; the system ensures that the maximum hose length capacity can be stored in the most space-saving fashion without any human error or intervention.

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Swivelling hose guide

The markets first multi-directional swivelling hose guide allows flexible use at any angle. A safer hose handling solution that reduces hose jam and damage. Includes pin lock for non-swivelling use, which means safer hose deplyment.

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