Heavy duty compact safer direct drive reel system

Heavy duty compact safe direct drive reel system

Australian designed & manufactured

Reel Tech has designed and manufactured a range of hose reels utilising smart modular design, this design method allows for components to be shared amongst a family of reels, allowing for standard parts to suit various widths, heights, hose bend radius, hose capacity’s, riser configurations, inlets and outlets to suit customers specific needs with ease. The Pit Bull™ is a world-patented, all Australian designed and made direct drive hose reel, that combines unmatched flexibility in size and capacity, that incorporates a unique gearbox that assists towards a safe rewind speed.

The newly expanded range is now available to suit the most common hose sizes from 1/2” to 2” I.D.

Direct Drive

Direct Drive Hose Reels are designed and assembled in Australia with the field proven backing of the largest reel manufacturer in the world. Heavy duty design for the most demanding conditions in any industry.


  • No chains, no sprockets, less moving parts, therefore, increase safety
  • Air or Hydraulic Rewind with the unique “Direct Floating Drive” system
  • High-quality materials ideal for heavy duty applications
  • 4-way Hose Roller Guide
  • Standard 90o Swivel Inlet / Outlet
  • Full flow fluid path for minimum pressure/flow loss

Optional features:

  • Stainless Steel Full Flow Hub
  • Vertical Swing Roller Arms
  • Pneumatic Brake Kit
  • Pneumatic Control Valve Kit

Pitbull™ Expanded feature


Quick hub technology adapts reel to all hose sizes

The patented Quick Change Hub Technology means that a Pit Bull™ reel can be changed to suit various hose sizes and diameters in minutes. Multi-positional frame mount base PitBull™ Multi-positional mounting allows the reel to be easily mounted and adapted to many pre-existing footprints, for both retrofits or new installation.


Multi-Positional Frame Mount Base

Pit Bull™ Multi-positional mounting allows the reel to be easily mounted and adapted to many pre-existing footprints, for both retrofit or new installation.


Hot dip galvanised & stainless steel

The Pit Bull™ features standard full hot dip galvanising to all frame and disc components along with a standard stainless steel hub assembly and hose guide for maximum corrosion protection. Available with optional frame construction in lightweight aluminium or colour coded steel.


Heavy duty & modular

Its heavy duty, modular construction can be used on all indoor, underground, outdoor and mobile applications. The Pit Bull™ can be shipped complete or in knock-down form for easy assembly, which saves on freight.

Hose reel accessories

bolt-on accessories can be fitted into any customised reel



Auto declutching system

EZI-Deploy is a fully automatic hose declutching system to safely and effortlessly handle hose reels with minimal drag resistance.



Rewind Speed Control System

Reel Tech’s patented Safe-R-Reel™ easy bolt-on brake cassette ensures a controlled speed during rewind to minimise injuries and hose damage.



Wireless remote control

Cut response times and increase safety with frequency hopping technology. This feature allows for safer single user operation and increased productivity.