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Australian Hose Reel Manufacturer and Distributor

Industrial hose reels and cable reels

Australian Hose Reel Manufacturer and Distributor

Reel Tech, an Australian and New Zealand based company and a member of the Spray Nozzle Engineering group, is a specialist in industrial hose reels and cable reels. Reel Tech offers an extensive range of patented hose reel solutions, accessories, backed up with exceptional technical advice. Reel Tech custom made hose reels and accessories are available for many industries such as mining, defence, fire, food/beverage, paper, petroleum, steel, agricultural and pharmaceutical.

Safety is an important factor in any industry, hose reels reduce trip hazards by safely stowing hosing this also contributes considerably to extending hose life. Reel Tech has had extensive experience working in many industries such as mining, paper mills, steel mills, food, beverage, pharmaceutical, maritime and military/defence industries. We are also very proud that our fire and rescue reels are used very extensively throughout many of our metropolitan and rural fire services, ask us about our experience in this critical area.

madein-RTCustom made hose reels is Reel Tech speciality. We have designed and built many specialised hose reels that can be tailored to any application. Reel Tech also has an extensive range of direct drive reels that are available in air and hydraulic rewind.

We can offer one of the most extensive ranges of reels, services and technical backup available so please call the REEL leaders anytime.

  • Reel Tech reels can be selected for trouble-free operation and help maintain the structural integrity of the hose it’s storing
  • Reel Tech is the leader in recognising and offering solutions to assist the industry towards reaching codes of best practice
  • The company strives for continuous improvement, with a focus on providing hose solution systems that are ergonomic, efficient and safe for operators
  • Our reels can be specified and custom made in a range of materials and finishes including standard painted steel, hot-dipped galvanised steel, full stainless steel, light-weight aluminium or a combination of all.
  • Rewind options include manual, spring, air, electric or hydraulic including direct-drive motorised technology

Pit Bull™ Hose Reels

The Pit Bull™ is a world-patented, all Australian designed and made direct drive hose reel, that combines unmatched flexibility in size and capacity, that incorporates a unique gearbox that assists towards a safe rewind speed.

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Fire Dog™ Hose Reels

Engineered and made in Australia, Fire Dog™ hose reels are ergonomically designed to deliver intuitive operation and improve safety. First in firefighting hose reels with safe direct drive technology and Flat Winder™ level wind system.

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Reel Tuff™ Hose Reels

The highest quality galvanised construction will continue to work alongside you in all weather conditions. Ideal for use in both low and high pressure spraying duties in Golf Courses, Council Parks, Urban Landscapes and Roadside Care.

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